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English Department “Learn, Do, Be”


Dear Students…

Our student, we are proud to have you as a member in your realm “English Language & Literature Department”. This is your department which you will study English perfectly in. In your department you will find  the necessary factors which motivate you to be a good speaker of English.

Teachers of English department are ready to teach you English as a foreign language. They will help you to read, to write and to speak easily and correctly using the successful teaching methods. They will realize your dream to speak English as a native speaker.

Our slogan is “LEARN, DO, BE”. All the staff of our department is working to achieve this slogan. We are ready to make it easy for you our students in order to Learn English, to Do the practices and to BE a successful English student.

Dear student, whatever your dream is. English department is the best place to realize it, to reach your ambitions and to draw your way of success.

                                   “ Just believe in yourself ”


Head of English Department  

Sayah Lembarek Samira              

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